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Supporting Our Teenagers

Ministry takes many forms with adolescents.  While we spend a lot of time and energy on Bible studies and worship (which we should) sometimes little things make the most difference.  We can plan the best Bible study ever, including a “walking on water” activity, but that might not be what the teenager remembers. For a teen, seeing their youth minister in the stands or auditorium can be as significant and life changing as a mission trip or summer camp.

Ministry of presence is an important part of Youth Ministry.  We try to be present at ball games, at recitals, at the hospital, and at the local Starbucks.  The challenge to this incredible ministry opportunity is that usually there is only one minister and many teenagers.  We can only be in so many places at one time.

The Search Institute ( has identified 6 Assets under the framework of Support that teens need to succeed.  The more of these assets that a teenager has, the more success in life the teenager will have.

  • Family life provides love and support.
  • Family communication is positive.
  • Parent(s) has support from other adults.
  • Child experiences caring neighbors.
  • Child is in caring environments outside the home.
  • Parent(s) helps child succeed when child is away from home.

Church is one place where “other” adults interact with teenagers.  We have a strong resource of loving, caring adults who can provide many of these supportive assets to our teenagers.

Hopefully, these adults are already involved with the youth ministry.  If not,

  • Seek out adults who can provide ministry and relationships to the youth.
  • Talk with the adults about how they can make a difference in the lives of a teen.
  • Give them opportunities to serve—ballgames, small group leadership, fellowships, retreats, etc.
  • Encourage them to be a positive presence in the lives of teens.
  • Bless the adults to share time and relationships.

We can be the presence of Christ for others and share the love that Jesus has for us.  When we have an army of adults ministering to our teenagers, the youth will know that they have the love and support they desire.  Bible studies are great.  Worship is vital.  But when a teenager is supported by an important adult in their life, they know they are loved.

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