Interested in serving?

Interested in serving as CBF Global Missions field personnel? If so, you need to participate in our online cohort which begins on Oct 18th.

 The 10-week cohorts are the first part of the three-part application process for candidates. The cohorts lead candidates through a process of self-discernment, reflecting on their gifts and how God is calling them to current service. In addition, the cohorts allow candidates to learn about CBF Global Missions, reflect on mission practice, and interact with other candidates and staff in a secure online environment.

The deadline for registration for the October cohort is October 13th.

 To register go to http://www.thefellowship.info/candidateform  or to learn more about field service with CBF Global Missions go to http://www.thefellowship.info/Serve , contact, Matt Norman at mnorman@thefellowship.info  or Lori Irons-Crenshaw at lcrenshaw@thefellowship.info  or call (800) 352-8741.

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