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Looking Ahead: A Global Mission future

I’m convinced that the most significant moment to be on mission with God in the world is at the point of transitions . . . the times between. It is in such moments that we understand most clearly what God is doing in the world. Patterns that have served us well in the past seem to suddenly not work. We’re forced to scramble a bit, throw our assumptions up in the air, and look for a good place to land in a different sort of world.

This is why I am so glad to be living right now–in the context of transition and shift. It forces us to be creative, resourceful, to risk and to challenge. It certainly isn’t easy. There is so much that we have to give up. But also so much that we gain.

To that end, we’ve just put together a strategic vision for our global mission engagement. We’ve interviewed 250 folks, engaged in some dynamic visioning summits, discussed, challenged and ultimately we have decided that we will continue to stand on the side of the poorest of the poor, sharing the good news of the gospel with people who have never heard it before. But we have also elected to do this in dynamic new ways–through mission communities based upon our God-given passions and in full partnership with the global church.

I’m excited to live in the meantime–and to be part of a fellowship of congregations and field personnel and staff who get it. And who want to be part of all that God is doing.

You will hear more about this vision in the near future. Stay posted!

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