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Joining the Circle

Robert Francis, helper/consultant for the Mid American Indian Fellowships, has been a good partner to CBF of Missouri. His understanding of Native American culture and contextual ministry has helped to shape the Fellowship’s work in South Dakota. He has helped church teams find a deeper and healthier understanding of respectful and reciprocal mission partnership.

During a mission trip, Robert will often lead groups in the Talking Circle, a time of reflection and sharing that values each person’s voice and viewpoint. For many, the Talking Circle becomes the highlight of a mission experience because of the sharing and relationship it fosters.

Our Fellowship offers a number of other “Circles” that nurture this same kind of mutual respect and synergy:

  • Pastors CirclesCBF’s Peer Learning Groups are a vital source of friendship, learning and support for vocational ministers. Circles show we need each other.
  • Giving Circles – CBF of Missouri promotes a $50 Giving Circle. One hundred members will decide together which worthy project will receive a $5000 grant. Circles show we can do more collectively.
  • Virtual Circles – The Communities of Missional Practice are a great way Fellowship people from around the globe can gather around specific areas of ministry or concern to share ministry ideas and practices. Circles show us new possibilities.

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