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A Christmas Gift

I spent a few hours Christmas shopping last night. And I’ll admit that the experience did get me into the spirit of the season. But it also reminded me that gift-giving can often become a meaningless effort to give something simply to give something.

There is a better way! I want to remind you that you have the opportunity to give a gift that truly makes a difference. The CBF Gift Catalog offers the possibility to give life-transforming gifts in honor of friends and family. You can provide vitamins for women living in tents in the Middle East or pay for the paperwork to process orphans in a children’s home in the Ukraine. You can provide a water tank in Southeast Asia where muddy river water is purified through filters. You can fund the support of 100 women church starters in the Middle East or help to support a quarterly Bible-training school for Romany pastors in Slovakia.

Your gifts are tangible, life-changing gifts that your family and friends will appreciate. They will know that what you have given to them is the gift of making a difference in the lives of people for whom the gift will matter.

Simply visit place an order. Your friends and family . . . and all sorts of people around the world will be grateful.

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