The Great “Beyond”

After the holidays, if not before, most students begin to think seriously about what they are going to do with their summer…and we begin to hear from more and more who want to know what Student.Go has to offer. 
Its a great time of year!  Students with multiple interests and a wide variety of gifts and skills contact us to explore the possibilities and to consider how God could use them.  Our “tagline” for Student.Go is “Beyond your culture. Beyond your comfort zone. Beyond yourself.”  In my conversations with these inquiring minds – I tell them that our goal is that through their experience with Student.Go they will be stretched “beyond” in all three of these ways.  And that in so doing – they will learn-

-About God

-About God’s people, God’s diverse creation, God’s great love for all

-About culture – that we are all  more alike than we are different – and that the differences provide incredible opportunities to learn from each other

-About the beauty of giving – of serving – of working alongside others

-About the importance of being uncomfortable

-About themselves – and who God has created them to be in this world.

-About poverty and wealth, power and privilege, justice and advocacy

-About what “good news” and the “kingdom of  God” really means

-About what Jesus’ example teaches us about how we treat others

And that in learning, growing and stretching “beyond” they will never be the same again. 

Student.Go provides summer and semester missions opportunities for undergrad and graduate students in both domestic and international assignments working with CBF field personnel and ministry partners.  We are accepting applications now!  Applications and a list of opportunities can be found at

Encourage the students in your life to reach beyond this summer with Student.Go.

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