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An Offer of Hospitality

 Hello, My name is Randy Tullos.  I have spent the last three years working to launch a new non-profit Christian Camp and Conference Center, The Smoky Mountain Christian Village in Pigeon Forge, TN. ( We expect 2011, our first full year of operations, to be a banner year.

We’re proud to be a preferred Cooperative Baptist Fellowship partner for retreat lodging and conference space. It has been a pleasure for us to serve groups from the CBF national offices in Atlanta, gatherings of ministry staff teams, and groups of state CBF leaders. It is privilege to provide hospitable space as these groups seek to serve CBF congregations as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission. I believe our hospitality can be an important ingredient in retreats, travel tours, or workshops your church experiences as well. Come stay with us and see for yourself!

Whether your group provides your own programming or you plan to participate in a planned event such as our couples retreat, “When Two Become One,” our Winter Youth Retreat, or a scrap booking getaway, the invitation is open for you and your church or ministry group to come experience our hospitality.

An event I’m particularly proud of is ProjectRenew, a group experience in which you will ask and answer powerful questions about your life and your relationships with yourself, with God, and with others. Some questions are private, and only answered for yourself in writing. Others are shared with a partner, a small group, or even the entire class. The benefit is that you learn not only from your life experiences, but from the life experiences of others. Here is the description of a recent participant:

In the five days I was there, I learned so much about myself, how to be honest, how to apologize, how to act towards people, and so much more. I could have been taught all these things in a classroom, but it would not have been nearly as effective as when I got to experience what they were trying to teach me. I learned a lot and will remember it better because I experienced it.


The next experience of ProjectRenew:Hope is coming April 13-16, 2011! We invite you to participate by completing this application. For a limited time only, your tuition is only $50 for the full 4 day event. Donations are accepted and appreciated if you have the ability to pay more. But please prayerfully consider attending this powerful experience.

Randy J. Tullos,


Smoky Mountain Christian Village

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