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Basketball and Dreams

Yes, this is a special time of year for me. You see I am a North Carolinian who, like most people from North Carolina, begins to come alive as March rolls into being. Some of us pull for better teams than others (UNC)—but the one thing that we all have in common is our love of basketball. We cheer, shout, heckle each other in houses divided, but we love to watch a tense, finger biting game and we would argue with anyone about the prominence of ACC basketball.

As you may have guessed from the jab above I am a UNC Tarheel fan. In a recent press event Coach Roy Williams said that one of his favorite quotes is, “”Be led by your dreams, not pushed by your problems.” I am not sure whom to attribute this quote originally, but it helped me reflect on a number of things.

I thought about Lindsay, CBF field personnel in South East Asia working to end human trafficking, child exploitation and abuse against women. Lindsey was recently awarded the Spirit of Chowan Award, from Chowan University in North Carolina, for her work.

I thought of CBF personnel around the world working with and among the most neglected—those who are least evangelized and most marginalized. Those who fund, pray over, participate in these efforts because they recognize the vision of the Kingdom of God at work in the world. This vision is the dream that leads. This vision, the Kingdom of God, is what draws us into participation because we realize that such a vision is bigger than any problem that arises.

 The gospel compels us, calls us, shapes us, and transforms us to catch a dream that is reality. Behold, the Kingdom of God is here, we proclaim justice, mercy, sight! We dwell not on what could be, but on what IS! God IS at work in the world through and in the people of the Fellowship. Look around you, if you have eyes to see—see, if you have ears to hear—hear. Open your arms to the vision of God all around and enter the world more deeply not because fear pushes us from behind, but because the gospel compels us to proclaim.

2 thoughts on “Basketball and Dreams

  1. Love your sentiment, Love your words.

    Also, huge basketball fan. But, I think we are on different sides of the North Carolina Ball. Go Duke!

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