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Food, water, funds-all in short supply

A short time after the devastating earthquake struck Japan on March 11th, the Japan Baptist Convention began attempting to contact member churches and ministers.

Their attempts seemed futile at first…
Akita Church cannot be reached by phone. 
Akita Church kindergarten cannot be reached by phone.
Mr. Hajime Watanabe cannot be reached by phone.
Sendai Kita Church cannot be reached by phone.
Representative Furukawa cannot be reached by phone.
Yoshioka Mission Point’s phone line is busy.
Rev. Sumio Kaneko’s phone line is busy.
Aomori Church cannot be reached by phone.
Calvary Church cannot be reached by phone.
Komatsugaoka Mission Point cannot be reached by phone.
Misawa Church cannot be reached by phone.
Hachinohe Church and pastorate’s internet connection has been damaged.

But the tireless staff never gave up. Slowly they began to make connections and receive reports from points throughout the country. As brothers and sisters from other countries began to offer their assistance, the Japan Baptist Convention established the Disaster Relief Headquarters for the Northeastern Japan Earthquake on the afternoon of March 12th. This group was tasked with monitoring and reporting the progress of relief efforts.  Although supplies like food and clean water are in short supply, the best way to assist in the relief efforts remains monetary donations.

Basic food staples are difficult to find.


CBF is committed to channeling funds to Japan with speed and equity. All monetary donations will be divided evenly between the Japan Baptist Convention  and the Asia Pacific Baptist Aid. (Asia Pacific Baptist Aid is the disaster response arm of  Baptist World Aid that relates to all Baptist bodies within Japan.)


2 thoughts on “Food, water, funds-all in short supply

  1. Please repost the directions for earmarking donations for Japan relief via CBF. Can you put it in ABP again, or put it where I can’t miss it?

    I can’t spot it in the newsletter which came today.
    Catherine Allen

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