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A Month of Thanks. What’s next?

 Ronnie Brewer, Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Coordinator, recently reflected on the one month anniversary of the horrific Alabama tornadoes. Below is a excerpt from the most recent Alabama CBF enewsletter.

In the four weeks that have passed since April 27th, ALCBF has been organizing our family of churches to offer help in four specific areas of our state. Natalie has many of these details on our website and in this e-news below. The vast amount of damage caused us to confess that we cannot do everything needed in Alabama, but we can narrow our focus and provide quality and long-term help in the areas we have chosen.

I would like to say two words about our service together in the past weeks. The first word I offer is: Thanks. There are too many people and churches to name right now, but there have been many, many hands offering the love of Christ to these areas we are helping. Some have stepped back from their routines at church, or their family and work, and have literally been involved in this relief on a daily basis. Some have volunteered weekly, organizing teams, gathering supplies, and offering the most needed gift: encouragement. Even now, folks from our churches are meeting together, planning together, and praying together over the folks affected by this disaster. It has been a joy to see ALCBF churches working side-by-side with other Baptists, Christians, and faith groups. All in harmony, all with one goal. Thanks. To you, and to God for guiding our work together.

The second word I offer is: Next. Our goal is to stay in these areas long-term. We have set the tangible time line of a year because that communicates our desire to stay with these people we are serving. Some of our churches will stay longer once relationships are built in these areas. How can you and your church be a part of what is next? Contact us if you desire to partner with other ALCBF churches in the areas we have targeted. If you have not already, gather your mission teams and talk about what your goals are for the long-term, and consider either continuing your work with us or joining in.

Thanks for your love, service and gifts to broken people and communities. What’s next in our service together? The wonderful thing about our life in Christ is there is always next. Thanks be to God.

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