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Ground-Shaking Love at Siloë Baptist

When I was in high school, my 9th grade class conducted a career assessment survey. I anticipated a result like “fashion designer” or “culinary arts,” but the automated program predicted differently. It suggested that I was in the makings to be a “Seismologist.” 

While all my friends relished in their horoscope-like results for future careers, I kept silent. Isn’t “seismology” kind of nerdy?

But now I have a new respect for the scientific profession.  An earthquake can be an unforgiving reality that leaves people feeling helpless and grieved.  I have my job because of the earthquake that left Haiti in desperate need of help. I facilitate teams who work with our on-site staff regarding construction and/or medical missions. These short term teams serve alongside Haitians to remind them God has not abandoned them.

Siloe Baptist church service

Sometimes short term volunteers are kind enough to share about their experiences.  Here is Don Anderson’s reflection after his team, First Baptist Church of Braintree, Massachusetts, returned from Haiti in April, 2011:

“… when our work was completed and we were preparing to return home the next day, the Siloë Baptist church pastor and school administrator had us all sit in a circle.  He then proceeded to offer his heartfelt thanks to each of us, finding something very positive to say about each of us.  In all my short-term mission trips, I have never experienced such a show of appreciation.  We were blessed to be a part of the reconstruction of the Siloë Baptist School.”

I’m no seismologist monitoring the Earth’s shaky movements, but I see a different kind of movement happening in Haiti. God’s children in Haiti have suffered earthquakes, hurricanes, and a cholera outbreak, but I’m reminded that they still live with hope.  I love hearing from people like Don Anderson.  Let’s give thanks that the pastor and community of Siloë Baptist Church have not lost heart amidst the devastation.  Pray for their ministry to be strengthened by God in the difficult times.

Click here to view a slide show of Don’s team in Grand Goâve.  

Click here to participate in a Prayer Walk through Haiti.


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