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Courage on the Immigration Front

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a small reunion of some of my Samford University alumnae friends. We gathered in Auburn, Ala., and, as a part of our time together, attended the Auburn- Samford game. (As I expected, Samford lost the ballgame. As I did not expect, Samford was not so soundly beaten that it was an embarrassment.)

As we gathered at the Samford Tailgate during the pre-game festivities, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr Wayne Flynt. Several of we Samford alums had had the privilege of sitting in his classes at Samford many years ago.

I am honored to have known this Baptist prophet who has taken such a strong stand on Alabama’s recent embarrassing immigration laws. (He also told me that the only reason he had stayed in Auburn was the presence of a CBF church – First Baptist, Auburn – where he is a member.)

He is a man of integrity and of courage. May his tribe increase.

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