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Ministry among Karen refugees in Louisville to get 15 seconds of fame on CBS Evening News

We’ve received word in the Atlanta Resource Center that the CBS Evening News will air a story tonight at 6:30 p.m. featuring Crescent Hill Baptist Church and many of its members. The story will run in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s visit to Burma this week.

Crescent Hill on CBS

Annette Ellard, center, helps Crescent Hill Baptist Church prepare for a video shoot last Sunday by the CBS Evening News. The segment is scheduled to air at 6:30 p.m., Dec. 1.

Clinton’s visit to Burma is the first by a United States Secretary of State in more than 50 years. Advanced word has it the piece will likely focus on how refugees from Burma are settling into life in the United States, how this church has been changed by the arrival of refugees from Burma and how the refugees’ view Clinton’s visit.

It’s important to note that CBF field personnel Annette Ellard and Steve Clark work among Karen at the church, and field personnel Duane and Marcia Binkley have been working in Thailand and the U.S. among the Karen and other Burmese refugees for years.

Crescent Hill Baptist Church has welcomed large numbers of refugees from Burma into its midst since 2007.  The church and many of its members have helped meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its members from Burma.  In return, refugees from Burma have helped others learn more about maintaining faith and hope in the midst of dire circumstances.

For more information, visit the church’s website or check out the story Associated Baptist Press published earlier this week.

May others see this missional example and follow suit in serving the refugees in their communities.

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