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Words of wisdom about the leadership transition

This post comes from Helen Moore-Montgomery, one of the founders of CBF and a lay leader at Community North Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas:

Helen Moore-Montgomery

Helen Moore-Montgomery

I often find myself wondering, “What will CBF be without the wise, encouraging counsel Daniel shares with our CBF family?”

I pause and remember the days following Cecil Sherman’s retirement when we searched and prayed as we sought the one our Father had prepared to lead us on the next mile. I breathe a prayer of thanksgiving for the years we have moved forward with the devoted leadership of Daniel and Earlene.

For such a time as this God has prepared the heart of our next leader, the woman/man He has called will be equipped and ready to answer “Here I am Lord,” and we will move on to the next mile.

My prayer in my late years is that the young leaders, lay and clergy, will know the joy we “charters” experienced in giving our all to “A new way to be Baptists.” Today our call is to be His feet, His Hands, His Joy as we humbly share the presence of Christ to the needy community and our world.

Our leaders today were pushing their newborns in strollers in the aisles, dressed in “Future CBFer” infant shirts. Today they wear “This is What a Preacher Looks Like” T-shirts, and they are our voices sharing God’s message from pulpits around the globe.

We are humbled to be so richly blessed. May we prove to be good and faithful servants as we walk the mile.

Get your boots shined and join us at the table in Fort Worth, June 20-23 for the General Assembly!


Helen Moore-Montgomery

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