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State & Regions, and Coordinating Council Committee Reports

This report comes from the Coordinating Council, highlighting the work of the States & Regions, and the Coordinating Council Committees.

State and Regional Organizations Updates

CBF Coordinating Council

February 23-24, 2012


AlabamaWorking toward and promoting A Week of Doing Good in late April to honor and remember the April 2011 tornadoes; State staff hosting regional gatherings for ministers; Youth Missions Summit will be held in late March.

Arkansas – Transitioned Together for Hope to CBFAR as key leader; Have a pilot church who pathfinders in the Dawnings journey; Working with Wanda Kidd on collegiate and young ministers; Making visits with Ben McDade with key supporters in AR; New church start in the cohort process.

 Florida – Missions exploratory trip to Santiago de Cuba to build partnership with Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention March 16-23; Professional Coach Training March 29-31; Spring Celebration at FBC Gainesville April 28-29; Working with churches to engage in missional opportunities with sister churches in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean.

Georgia – Increased attendance in all major events; 80 college students at Now Serving, a joint CBFGA and McAfee event; Hosted first official pastors gathering; Planning two new peer learning groups; Two new church starts, Summit in Cairo and Cornerstone in Snellville; First adult hand bell choir festival in May.

Kentucky –“Mountain Hope” work with Together for Hope in Ousley and McReary Counties; Sunday School Training Workshops with Rick Jordan March 26 in Louisville and March 27 in Georgetown; Planning seventh Extreme Build House. Inaugural Children’s Choir Festival at State General Assembly, April 21.

Louisiana Together for Hope site in Lake Providence.  Spring Meeting, March 23-24 in Bunkie, LA.

Mid-Atlantic – Annual Meeting in March, asking for church missional updates from past year; Clergy retreat April 2012; Hosting receptions in local area seminaries.

Missouri – Partnering with Central Baptist Seminary and Third Baptist Seminary in assisting the Seminary’s Foundations in Ministry Certificate Program; Providing tornado relief in Joplin, Bob Barker key figure in setting up Fuller Center for Housing chapter in Joplin.

North Carolina Partnered with Center for Congregational Health to conduct Young Leaders’ Training; Over 60 participated in Collegiate Mid-Winter Retreat; Hosted New Minister’s Luncheon at CFFNC offices; General Assembly March 23-24 at Trinity Baptist Church in Raleigh, Youth Edition at Millbrook Baptist Church; Collaborating with Center for Congregational Health and The Columbia Partnership is sponsoring Impacting Tomorrow May 18-19 at Providence Baptist Church in Charlotte.

 North Central – Annual meeting in Jerseyville, IL April 27-28, will be closer to new states: Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota; Our Coordinator, Gilbert Sanders, publishes a quarterly newsletter; Speedway Baptist called Rev. Mona Cluff as Senior Pastor.

Northeast – Will gather for Annual Meeting in May at Bay Shore Baptist Church in Sewanee, MA; Will celebrate and honor the retirement of co-coordinators, Ken and Sandy Hale.

Oklahoma – Looking for a new Coordinator; Annual Gathering, Connect 2012, in on April 27 at First Baptist Church Oklahoma City; Habitat for Humanity build in Joplin, MO April 10-14; Renovating buildings of Hispanic Church Plants; May 16-20; Will do repairs of church in Paris, France in Fall 2012

South Carolina – Coordinator, Marion Aldridge announced retirement, a transition team has been formed; Operation We Care March 17 in Allendale; General Assembly April 26-27 at Trinity Baptist in Seneca.

Tennessee –Working to secure and stock a “community trailer” for mission projects; Working on project with Together for Hope in Alabama; Sending 3 college students to General Assembly; Working with Bo Prosser on a blitz across TN focusing on forming faith; Planning intentional leadership development conferences/ events for clergy; 20th Anniversary Celebration April 13-14.

Texas – Planning six regional assemblies around the state intending to address three shifts: 1. Millennial generation shift; 2. Missional church shift; 3. Multicultural shift. Purchased a tool trailer for mission teams to use on construction projects. Continuing efforts with KidsHeart.

Virginia – Will host two Mission Madness events in Waynesboro and Richmond.  First Mission on the Move event will take place April 28-27 in four locations: Richmond, Roanoke, Waynesboro, and Chesapeake.

West – Annual Meeting held in January on Arizona Border, featured a mission project with Hispanic Baptist Congregation; Offering ministry grants to congregations to facilitate creative ministries.

Committee Report Summaries

Finance: Laura Hoffman – Chair  Making a motion for a “conflict of interest” questionnaire to be developed and implemented and to be signed annually by all CBF staff and CC members; Motion to have the Legal Committee take up and address the issue regarding trusteeship and ownership of the 401 3(b) plan administered by the Church Benefits Board.  $12.4 million budget for the 2012-2013 budget year; Met with Greg Griffin, to review the 2011 audit report. We were given unqualified opinion with zero correcting entries.  Based on the audit we report a $277,540 deficit for 2011; Did risk assessment, approved check signers, and approved auditor selection process.

Legal: Patricia Wilson – Chair  Reviewed the bylaws, constitution, and introductory letter for CBFResponds and asked questions regarding the organization; Reminder: assuming that new Benefits Board and Foundation trustees need to be approved by General Assembly, that item needs to be added on the General Assembly agenda; Expect to have referred an issue from the Finance Committee regarding the Benefits Board and which entity has the fiduciary responsibility. Legal will address the issue once it is referred.

Personnel: Jason Coker – Chair  Discussed recommendation and implementation of a 1% salary increase for all CBF employees; There were changes in health insurance premiums and the insurance policies were adjusted to keep the premiums at a smaller increase than the original proposal; Discussed proposal for Interim Executive Coordinator; Drafted and approved letter of appreciation to Field Personnel; reviewed Personnel Policies.

Advancement: David Turner – Chair  Discussed 2012 Task Force communications plan, the [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality and Covenant communications plan, production of a new book by Daniel Vestal and digital communications; The CBF Advocates Network is growing and now has more than 322 members; Donor cultivation continues with several successful initiatives; The effects of the thawing economy are being felt as the Thanksgiving appeal for the CBF Offering for Global Missions and end of year appeals all showed good returns.

Global Missions: Ed-Sunday-Winters – Chair  Discussed budget priorities. The new budgets allows for a full-time advocate for self-funded field personnel; Reviewed documentation and process for the ongoing development of CBFResponds; Discussed commissioning service for General Assembly; Interviews are underway for Student.Go; Discussed upcoming training for new Field Personnel; Shared ways churches and field personnel are making connection to do missions and ministry together.

Missional Congregations: Tony Vincent – Chair  Discussed implications of the Task Force report on the Missional Congregations Structure within CBF, conversation affirming the collaboration between Global Missions and “Missional Church Ministries”; Gave description of the Missional Congregations teams and discussed future staffing possibilities, need to consider returning the Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counselor Specialist to a full-time position; Discussed the budget, highlighted the first of 3 years of the Lilly Foundation funding for First Call Ministers, corrected budget listing under Visioning to $50,000, not $500,000, changed header “Chaplaincy” to “Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling.”

Networks: Emily Hull-McGee – Chair  Crafted resolution with Partners and Seminaries affirming the role of networks, partners, and seminaries in the Fellowship movement and inviting them to be a part of General Assembly; Discussed importance of language what is happening at the CBF office regarding missional networks; named and discussed formal and informal networks; Dreamed about ways to provide resources to networks and worked on a “tool kit” for anyone interested in forming a network; Discussed Steve Sheely’s proposal- A Network/ Community of Abundance- and how it can inform what CBF is doing; Discussed technology for how to make a larger networking model happen.

Partners and Seminaries: Justin Joplin – Chair  Made resolution to equip Christian leaders, engage in theological dialogue, and encourage congregational vitality and transformation. Our partners in numerous unique ministries share in the good work of informing, advocating, doing missions, educating, and unifying Cooperative Baptists and people all over the world.


Questions or comments can be directed to state or regional representatives or to committee chairs.

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