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The Tale of One Young Minister’s Job Search

Kyle Boyer, minister to students at First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia, was looking for a job this time last year. Perhaps his story can help to encourage and guide you if you are also looking for a job. The following is an interview featured in the Current e-newsletter. Current is CBF’s young Baptist leaders’ network.

Current: Please share a little bit of background about yourself. Where did/do you attend seminary? Is this your first full time ministerial job?
Kyle: I am a Texas native, but I call Dalton, GA home which is where I grew up. First Baptist Dalton holds a very special place in my heart, as it was the place where I first felt a call to ministry. I attended Georgia Southern University for my undergrad, which is where I met Christine, my wife. After attending GSU in 2007, I decided to attend Truett Seminary at Baylor University. I really enjoyed my time at Truett with the fantastic professors, and through Truett I had some great opportunities in practical ministry. I have been involved in Student Ministry for seven years in various capacities through internships, Passport camps, and part-time work while attending Truett, but this is my first full time position.

Current: What resources have you used to search for a ministerial job?
Kyle: In October of my last year at Truett I connected with Clarissa Strickland at CBF, and she pointed me towards the resume matching services of CBF LeaderConnect. Most of the initial interviews and conversation that I had came through LeaderConnect, but I also received guidance from mentors and professors, and Judy Battles at Truett was helpful in pointing me towards churches in Texas. I also really appreciate the advice and guidance that I received from Bill Wilson and the Center for Congregational Health. The Baptists Today classifieds and the State CBF websites were also helpful. I guess I looked everywhere!

Current: What is the end of your job-search story? Was your search successful or are you still looking?
Kyle: Currently, I serve as the Student Minister at First Baptist Augusta, GA. Early on in my search, I identified my current position as a “dream job,” and the position has definitely lived up to that label. I have the chance to work with a fantastic staff and a supportive group of volunteers, and every day I get to work with, grow with, and disciple an amazing group of students.

Current: What is one piece of advice you would share with others who are looking for a job in ministry?
Kyle: Be authentic. One of the biggest temptations that I found when searching was to present myself as what I felt that a given Search Team wanted. However, the way that you present yourself in an interview is how you will be expected to work in a given position. I was tempted to present myself as very organized, I personally do not consider organization a strength, and it seemed that was what committees wanted. However, when I presented myself authentically, sharing that I needed help and support in administration, I found that Search Teams received it really well. Once I started in my position, the Search Team was extremely helpful in making sure that I was equipped to do what I felt gifted towards through teaching and building relationships.

3 thoughts on “The Tale of One Young Minister’s Job Search

  1. I would like too know how can get more info on how I can get them too help me too look for a ministeral job.

  2. Sic em Bears! From a fellow Truett alum, I am thrilled to hear that your first job out of school is your dream job!!

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