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CBF Silent Auction celebrates a decade of exquisite creations and creators.

Balinese artist Nyoman Darsane’s painting titled “The Angel’s Whisper”

This year, the CBF Silent Auction will return to the city where it first debuted its hand-crafted treasures from across the globe. From June 20-23 at the CBF General Assembly in Fort Worth, Texas, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on paintings, ceramics, textiles, photographs and more from local artists and field personnel around the world. All proceeds will return to the artists with whom CBF field personnel work as well as to a number of projects and ministries partnered with the Fellowship.

From its humble beginning a decade ago, the auction has aspired year after year to not only feature creations but creators, who contribute pieces from Lebanon, China, Thailand and beyond.  “Close to the source” is the mantra, and just as field personnel gather contributions directly or nearly directly from the artist, the initial price amount returns to the same original source. But Tina Bailey, auction organizer along with her husband Jonathan, says the auction serves a deeper purpose than the simple acquisition of great art or financial contribution to artists and global missions.

Hand-woven Balinese textiles

“We want to create a place that allows us to re-vision the people and cultures we work with,” said Bailey, one of CBF’s field personnel. “Sometimes our only reaction to marginalized people groups is one of pity. But on the contrary, the poverty does not extend to their abilities. These are innovative people, creative people, master artists.”

With each piece of art, a story comes to life depicting the artist, the culture and the context that produced its beauty. This year, look for the paintings of world-renowned Balinese artist, Nyoman Darsane, who was one of only five artists chosen for the Summer 2007 exhibition “The Christian Story: Five Asian Artists Today,” held at the Museum of Biblical Art in New York City.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to contemplate the months of work that went into the hand-drawn, hand-dyed and hand-woven Balinese textiles featured at the auction. In addition, the auction will showcase the water color paintings of Sumatran artist Ruddi Nefid, who symbolically depicts a mill near Rome, Georgia alongside a mill in the Sumatran countryside in his featured work.

Water colors from Ruddi Nefid depicting two mills, one near Rome, Georgia and another in the Sumatran countryside

Through the work of these and many other artists featured, the silent auction allows people to give to artists and global missions in a truly unique way, with a contribution to the master work of craftspeople around the world and a tangible reminder of God’s craft in every culture.

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