2012 General Assembly / General CBF

Book review: Questions God Asks Us

The following review is from Bo Prosser, CBF coordinator of missional congregations. Trevor Hudson, the author of Questiosn God Asks Us, led a prayer retreat and workshop at the 2012 CBF General Assembly in Fort Worth next week.

The Book:   Questions God Asks Us ; Trevor Hudson, Upper Room Publishing, 2008.

The Big Idea:  God continues to seek conversation with us, not for conversation’s sake, but for deepening relationships with us. And, God enriches these conversations through the questions God asks of us.  Five Old Testament and Five New Testament questions are explored.  “Where are you?”  “What is that in your hand?” “Who do you say I am?” and many others.  Each chapter also includes a section “Answering God’s Question” for exploring conversation individually or in a small group setting.

The Back Story:  Trevor has spent most of his time pastoring around the Johannesburg, South Africa area.  He has been intrigued with the questions of the Scriptures for many years.  After years of searching for answers and asking his own questions, Trevor began paying attention to the many questions in the Bible narrative.  Through prayer, meditation, and small group interactions, he began deepening his relationship with God and others discussing the questions.

The Best Part of the Book:  Each chapter is instructive and the reflection questions at the end of each chapter are helpful for small group interaction.  The question “What is that in your Hand?” was especially moving, especially when listening to Ken Medema’s “Moses” in the background.  This was a powerful day of devotional thought and emotional challenge. 

The Bravo:  The questions are God’s initiated conversations with us and provide a depth of our relationship with God.  And, the questions are also our prayers to God which ultimately provide the answers that we seek.  Questions have the power to transform us much more so than answers.  May our questions indeed be our prayers and lead us to the transformative answers.

Buy, Borrow, or Browse:  BUY!  This is a fine little devotional book that is filled with mystery and reflection.  Whether you use this for a personal prayer time, for a Sunday School class, small group experience, or a study book for sermon material, you will be enriched with yourself, your friends, and our God.

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