2012 General Assembly / General CBF

CBF Moderator Colleen Burroughs’ six months report

February – June 2012

Colleen Burroughs

Moderator Colleen Burroughs

Respectfully submitted by: Colleen Walker Burroughs, Moderator CBF 2011-12

Coordinating Council Responsibilities:
Joint Coordinating Council, Task Force, Former National Moderators, Movement Leadership meeting called in February to review the 2012 Task Force Report.

Called Coordinating Council Meeting to review Task Force revisions in May

Responsibilities Distinctive to 2011-12:

2012 Task Force Review

Officers appoint Pat Anderson as Interim Executive Coordinator*

Officers appoint Jim Smith as Interim Global Missions Coordinator**

* in conversation with Personnel Committee and Coordinator level staff

* in conversation with Personnel Committee and Dr. Vestal

Representative Invitations Accepted:

Movement Leadership Team Gathering (MLT)      Ft. Worth, TexasFebruary 15-17

Baptist Women in Ministry Conference Call           March 6

Goodwill Baptist Meeting, The White House         Washington, D.C. – March 6-7

Tennessee CBF Spring gathering                             Murfreesboro, TN – VA April 13-14

New Baptist Covenant III, The Carter Center         Atlanta, GA – April 20th 


Search Committee Meeting                                       Dallas, TX – March 12 – 13

Search Committee Meeting                                       Atlanta, GA – April 18-19

A Baptist Conference on Sexuality                           Atlanta, GA – April 19-21

Advisory Council                                                        Atlanta, GA – April 30

Called Coordinating Council Meeting                      Atlanta, GA – May 1, 2012

Search Committee Meeting                                       Dallas, TX – May 10-11

Search Committee Meeting                                       Atlanta, GA – May 31 – June 1

General Assembly                                                      Ft. Worth, TX – June 18 – 23 

The Coordinating Council at Work: 

Each state or region submitted an area report.   All committees continued work in their areas.  Most of the energy and time of the council this year has been given to the consideration of and conversation about the work of the 2012 Task Force.  The council took this task very seriously and in no way simply rubber-stamped the recommendations.  The council’s earnest consideration of CBF structure moving forward is evidenced by their request for a called coordinating Council meeting on May 1.  This extra physical meeting was a significant investment of energy and time, which the council willingly devoted to this conversation.  The hard work and dedication of the National Coordinating Council members has been exemplary and critical.  The council is already working to position itself for the changes ahead related to council structure should the Task Force Report be approved.

Search Committees and Interims:

The work of the Executive Search Committee began in earnest during the first week of January.

Committee Chair George Mason will offer a report on behalf of this group at the Friday business session of the General Assembly.  Keith Herron will rotate onto the search committee as the by-laws require the moderator to serve as an ex-officio member.

Dr. Pat Anderson a former national moderator and former state coordinator in Florida, began work as the interim Executive Coordinator in June.  One of his main responsibilities will be working to implement the Task Force recommendations, should the assembly adopt the report.

The work of the forming a search committee for a Coordinator of Global Missions will begin in earnest later this Fall.  It is felt that the new Executive Coordinator should be named before proceeding too quickly with filling this position.

Dr. Jim Smith, long time field personnel and current staff in the CBF Global Missions office, has agreed to serve as interim Global Missions Coordinator beginning July 1.

2012 Task Force report and implementation: 

Dr. David Hull, chair of the 2012 Task Force, and his team will bring their findings and recommendations to the assembly following two years of intense listening and discernment.  The Coordinating Council has served as a sounding board for their work and has approved the report is ready to come to the full assembly.   Anticipating the approval of this report by the assembly, a transition team will be named by incoming moderator Dr. Keith Herron to determine next steps.

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