2012 General Assembly / General CBF

A Legacy of Leadership: Helen Moore-Montgomery

Helen Moore-Montgomery

Coordinating Council Alumni of the Year Award recipient Helen Moore-Montgomery of McKinney, Texas

As a CBF staff member, I often get to sneak into rooms where I really don’t belong.  It’s a particular joy to join the Coordinating Council Alumni for their annual dinner each year, but I know I have not yet earned my keep to be noted among these amazing Fellowship leaders.  The past two years, I’ve been given the opportunity to sit among these faithful leaders and soak up their wisdom and history.

Every year, one Coordinating Council alum is named Alumni of the Year.  (I am amazed that anyone could choose just one person out of this large body!)  The stories of these committed, noteworthy individuals continue to make me proud to be a CBF Baptist, and this year was no exception.

When Daniel Vestal stood to present this year’s award, I was so excited to hear him tell another story of another wonderful leader.  As he spoke, I felt privileged to hear the story of a woman I have admired from afar (ok – through facebook), and all the work she has done – and is doing – to make sure there is a place for all people in this Fellowship.

Helen Moore-Montgomery is the model of a faithful, passionate, and loving leader.  During the first general assemblies, she helped organize a laity luncheon, calling, e-mailing, and writing hundreds of people to make sure they knew they were welcomed and wanted.  Now, I see her every day on facebook, keeping up with and spreading the news about what CBF is doing.  Her pride emanates through these interwebs, and I have been daily encouraged by her presence.

Watching Helen Moore-Montgomery work within this movement reminds me what it means to be CBF.  She knows we are not perfect, but she walks this journey with us anyway, making us better by her presence.  She loves this Fellowship, the people represented, the work we do, but most of all – the Lord we serve.

Truly, I cannot think of anyone better to receive this award.  We are a better body, because Helen Moore-Montgomery is a part.

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