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Student.Go – Words from the World – Holly Cunningham

This summer Student.Go personnel are serving in 19 locations around the world. University of Evansville student Holly Cunningham is living and working in Louisville, KY with Crescent Hill Baptist Church in a ministry to refugee children from Myanmar (Burma).

I have spent both this summer and last serving in Louisville, KY as a teacher and mentor to refugee children and their families at Crescent Hill Baptist, and it has been an absolute blessing.  This has been such a learning experience for me, as well as the kids.  I have become more aware of the needs and hopes of the Karen as they left Thailand and came to America.  There is such an opportunity here to spread God’s love and reach out to those in need, but we often miss it because of our busy schedules and hectic lives.  I have lived in Louisville my entire life, but until last year was totally unaware of this growing community of refugees. I completely missed out on the opportunity to grow and learn and experience life with them.  Still, this summer I have seen the loving work of many adults and youth at Crescent Hill who are making a difference and changing lives every day; it was wonderful to work with them, as they set a beautiful example of how we as Christians should lead our lives and serve others.

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