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Student.Go – Words from the World – Bailey Durbin

This summer Student.Go personnel are serving in 19 locations around the world. William Jewell College student Bailey Durbin is living and working in Miami, FL with CBF field personnel Angel and Jason Pittman at Touching Miami with Love.

I am daily blessed and humbled by the opportunity to work with and live among the children in Overtown.  I lead the 5 and 6 year old group, the guppies. As I go around
camp with them throughout the day I know I must be the change I want to see in
their lives. I need to model the patience, forgiveness and kindness they never
cease to amaze me with.  I must lead them by example and model the kind of
Christ-centered life I hope and pray they all will grow up to lead.  I
have so many opportunities to talk with my kids about the kindness and love
that we try to show one another, not only in our group and at camp but at home
to their family and friends as well.  But I must always remind myself to
practice what I preach in my actions with my campers and not just my
words.  A few weeks ago one of the other interns I’m working with asked
one of my campers how he saw Jesus this summer.  He answered, “I see Jesus
in Miss Bailey”.  At the end of the day, that’s the whole point and that’s
why I’m here.  By sharing the love of Christ, I want to be a blessing in
the lives of my campers.  That’s the way Touching Miami with Love is
empowering me and our campers to be the change we want to see.

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