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Four Sermons for Advent

Jim Sommerville contributes sermons for your Advent Journey.

The Missional Congregations initiative area of CBF brings you four video sermons for Advent, 2012.  Jim Somerville, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia has recorded these for use in a variety of settings. We are grateful to Jim for his gift of time and insights. We are praying for you and your churches as you put these to creative use in your congregation. These sermons may be downloaded free of charge.

Suggested ways to use these:

IN SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES and small groups: The sermons are based on the Gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for each of the four Sundays of Advent, 2012. A showing of the video (approximately 15 minutes) could be followed by a lively discussion of the text and topic.

 December 2: Luke 21:25-36, “The Haphazard Coming of Christmas”
 December 9: Luke 3:1-6, “Well, Finally!”
 December 16: Luke 3:7-18, “What, Then, Should We Do?”
 December 23: Luke 1:39-45, “Don’t Stop Believing”

ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: With a digital projector and screen these sermons can be used in a simple worship format featuring appropriate hymns and prayers for the season. Worship leaders may appreciate the opportunity to focus on Advent hymns alone (rather than Christmas carols) in each of these four services.

IN SUNDAY WORSHIP: Some of the fastest-growing churches in America today are multi-site churches, where congregations are led in worship by gifted and able pastors who step aside for the sermon, delivered on video by the senior pastor. This series presents an opportunity to experiment with the multi-site model, to provide congregations with a “guest preacher” for the Advent season, or simply to give pastors a Sunday off at one of the busiest times of the year (note: if used in this way, it is recommended that the pastoral prayer time be extended and used as an opportunity to address specific needs and concerns within the congregation, as a way of keeping worship warm, personal, and contextual).


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