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Election Day Communion

Peer Learning Group Convener and Pastor friend, Kevin Glenn offers the following!
Thanks, Kevin, for a great idea!

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,
As Election Day approaches, each day brings the sad reality of just how polarized and divided our nation has become. There are many reasons for this, and many of those reasons are politically motivated.
Each Lord’s Day, we are given the enormous responsibility and opportunity to share the message of God’s grace with men and women from all walks of life. Our prayer each week is for hearts and lives to be comforted, challenged, and changed for God’s glory and humanity’s good.

However, the political divisions of our world have increasingly become sources of division in our churches as well. As a result, the Christian community is quickly becoming known more for its political affiliation than by the message of the gospel and its ethic of unconditional love. Is this the witness we are to provide the world?

What if we demonstrated that we hold our unity in Jesus Christ over our loyalty to partisan politics? What if we came together at our Lord’s Table; remembering that Jesus belongs to no political party? On the evening of November 6, I’d like to invite you and your congregation to join me in such a family reunion.

Memorial Baptist Church will open its doors to all for an Election Day Communion service. At 7:30 pm, people of faith will come together for songs of praise, readings, prayers, and communion. Would you join me in this endeavor of unity? For more information, please contact me at 573-443-1408 or via email:

I look forward to seeing you!

Note: If you live outside of Columbia, and would like to host an Election Day Communion event of your own, check out the official website. There are already some churches in other areas of Missouri that you could partner with.

Rev. Kevin D. Glenn
Senior Pastor
Memorial Baptist Church
Columbia, Missouri

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