2012 Task Force

Officers seek names for new Nominating Committee

Keith Herron

Keith Herron

The following post is from Keith Herron, CBF moderator and pastor of Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo.

The first structural step of change called for by the 2012 Task Report begins with the election of a Nominating Committee. This committee will begin the process of recruiting the membership of the three new councils that mark the new structure of governance and ministry called for in the report. This process for creating the Nominating Committee is the recommendation from the Implementation Team, which was appointed by the officers last summer and is comprised of the CBF officers, coordinators, a representative from the Coordinating Council’s Legal Committee and a representative from the 2012 Task Force.

Here’s a brief summary of the steps that will be taken between now and the 2013 General Assembly in Greensboro this summer.

The Legal Committee is currently studying changes that will be required in the Constitution and Bylaws to bring our guiding documents in sync with the actions called for within the 2012 Task Report. Those changes will be presented to the Coordinating Council in the spring and presented in two business sessions to the General Assembly in June so that all the structural changes can be accomplished. This will likely be tedious work, but necessary in order to launch the new organizational plan.

In order to bring the Nominating Committee into being, the officers will recommend to the Coordinating Council in mid-January a balanced slate of persons that represent the best of CBF’s many constituents (diverse members from states/regions, gender & racial inclusion, varied generations, and a balance of clergy/laity). Once elected, the Nominating Committee will go to work to prepare a slate of persons that will serve on the new Governing Council and begin recruiting leadership for the emerging Missions Council and Ministries Council. The persons recruited for these three councils will be presented to the General Assembly in June for approval.

The officers are seeking nominations from across the CBF for persons to serve on this first Nominating Committee that will be charged to form the three new councils. We are seeking a representative balance between laity and clergy, with racial and gender inclusion, persons young, old and in-between and persons from a wide-ranging number of states and regions, small churches and big steeple churches. This 15-member committee will serve in a 3-year rotational system with a chair and chair-elect selected from the committee. The Past Moderator will serve ex-officio.

We need your input! Nominate persons you believe would serve the needs of this committee through the following link:  http://thefellowship.info/About-Us/nominate

Imagine a series of changes that must be made in a particular sequence, something akin to tipping over the line of dominoes. Each step is important. Each step is necessary. Laying out the dominoes in the right sequence is crucial. Last summer’s action by the General Assembly to approve the 2012 Task Report gave us a map with a destination. Now we are strategically laying out the dominoes in a particular sequence of actions that will lead us to that destination for a more dynamic, vigorous community of Baptist known as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Keith Herron
Moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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