Haiti Ministries

Traveler’s Warning issued 12/28/2012 for those traveling to Port au Prince, Haiti

On December 28, 2012, the U.S. Dept of State issued a travel warning for those who plan to travel to Port au Prince, Haiti, which is the location of Haiti’s primary airport. Several volunteers have asked me how this warning might impact their plans to volunteer in Haiti in 2013. The truth is that this warning is a restatement of a similar warning issued over the summer and not something to alarm our volunteers. Jeremy Holloman, Conscience International’s Program Director for Latin America and Caribbean, reported that there is “no unrest here, beyond the normal.” Although CBF and its partners strive to provide safe and meaningful places of service for volunteers, certain risks that result from the pursuit of short term mission service are unforseeable. CBF staff and Haiti Housing Network partners do not therefore see any need for alarm as a result of this warning.

If you are interested in taking a team to Haiti to participate in the CBF’s Haiti partnership ministry, please contact Brayden Huskey (bhuskey@thefellowship.info).

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