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Church and organizational leaders endorse Suzii Paynter

On January 17, Suzii Paynter was introduced as candidate for the position of Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Paynter currently serves as the director of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and director of the Advocacy Care Center of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT).  For more information, see here.

Since the announcement (press conference video), dozens of church leaders and organizational leaders have offered glowing endorsements of Paynter.

Below are just a few of these notable endorsements.

From popular author and speaker Brian McLaren:

Good news for Christian churches … especially Baptists

Suzii Paynter will (pending official approval) be the next Executive Director for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. I am a friend and fan of CBF, and of Suzii, and I couldn’t be more pleased at this wise and exciting decision. I believe this is an excellent choice for CBF – one that will benefit all churches in the US, not just Cooperative Baptist ones.

I have had the privilege of meeting most of our heads of American communions and I can say that we are blessed with excellent leaders. Yes, our churches are passing through some challenging times on many levels, but with wise, forward-leaning, Spirit-guided leadership – as evidenced both by Suzii and the panel who selected her – we can be hopeful and confident about the future. Congratulations, Suzii, and congratulations, CBF!

Here is an excerpt from a letter to Suzii Paynter from Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Baptist World Alliance:


…Your impressive record as an advocate for defensible public policy, your expansive vision of Christian mission and your commitment to the worldwide expression of intra-Baptist unity, as a part of this mission, provide enormous encouragement for those of us who look forward to a great future for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

We, in the Baptist World Alliance, will welcome you with open arms and look forward to our partnership in the world Baptist movement.

And a good word from Texas Senator Wendy Davis:

I am excited to hear of Suzii Paynter’s selection to be the next Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. It has been my pleasure to know her and work with her on issues that affect so many Texans, including curbing the prevalence of predatory lending that continues to trap so many in a cycle of debt. Her leadership and dedication to her causes will help her thrive in her new role at the CBF.

You can read the growing collection of endorsements of CBF Executive Coordiantor candidate Suzii Paynter here.

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