Suzii Paynter

Baptist editor excited about selection of Suzii Paynter to head CBF

Marv Knox, editor of the Baptist Standard, is enthused about the recommendation of Suzii Paynter to be the next Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Marv counts the ways the selection of Suzii Paynter is great news in his latest editorial:

  • “First, she’s a tremendously effective leader and will guide CBF through transition toward renewed strength.”
  • “Second, even though Paynter’s departure from the Christian Life Commission represents short-term pain for Texas Baptists, it also signals long-term gain.”
  • “Third–and most obviously–Paynter’s elevation to become the first female to lead a Baptist body in the United States is tremendous news for women, and particularly for women in ministry.”
  • “Fourth, as Paynter leads CBF, young Baptists should be enormously encouraged.”
  • “Fifth, Paynter’s leadership of CBF is good news for people in need of the Good News.”
  • “Sixth, Paynter’s selection is wonderful news for other Baptists and other people of faith, too.”

Read Marv’s entire editorial. It is well worth your time. Also be sure to check out this growing list of glowing endorsements of Suzii Paynter from church and organizational leaders.

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