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Selah Vie: Experiencing God through pausing life

The following post is from Elijah Zehyoue, a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and a previous Selah Vie participant. This blog is part of a series of reflections on Selah Vie.

DSC_0948Each August, I get really excited because I know that it is almost time to go to Selah Vie to reflect and retreat with old and new friends about our exciting summer opportunities–this past summer was no different. I hopped out of the passport van and greeted many friends from camp and even a few friends from my home church. As I began to experience the weekend, I realized that there were several reasons that I was looking forward to Selah Vie.

Selah Vie, or pause life, is exactly what I need after a hectic and life-giving summer as a camp counselor. I really need to pause my life because I go straight from a long school year into Passport ministry mode. I love camp—but it certainly does require much of my time, effort, and energy. By the time it is over I feel drained and saddened. Selah Vie is usually a great re-energizer for my faith, my spirit, and my connection to young people in CBF life, especially my Passport teammates.

The best part about my experience at Selah is that in the pause of life I get to experience God and see just how God has moved in the lives of so many hundreds of young people around the world! As a professional summer minister, it is easy to get lost in the busyness of creating space for other people’s spirituality to grow that I can loose sight of my own. Selah is great because we get to worship, play games, and go to events that we didn’t have to plan—such a relief!

This summer at Selah, I really experienced the Spirit of God moving in me! Our pastor, Roger, and our worship band led by Eric, did an amazing job at creating the space to know God more intimately. I especially felt this in Roger’s messages about the role that our generation could play in the revitalization of the church. For the first time in a long while, I felt energized about the work of the local church. I seriously latched on to the idea that we were indeed apart of a rummage sale in the Christian tradition that was paramount to the Reformation. Each time I have grown weary with my studies as a seminary student this year, I remember the joy and energy I felt from my work this summer at Passport, and the re-energy I felt from Selah. I can truly say that Selah was an amazing aspect of my summer that properly allowed me to debrief the many feelings I had after camp while also allowing me to continue to hear and know my call more fully. I am grateful to this experience because it has taught me how to Selah Vie.

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