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CBF Governing Board meets in Decatur

The Governing Board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is meeting today and tomorrow at First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga. The board is comprised of 16 individuals involved in CBF life through church ministry, partner organizations and lay involvement. Click here for a list of the Governing Board members, and check back here for updated information and pictures as the meetings progress.

governing board

The Governing Board is a new board created as a result of the implementation of the 2012 Task Force Report. Bill McConnell, a partner at Rogers & Morgan Inc., Knoxville, Tenn, is the CBF moderator leading the group. In opening statements to those gathered, he defined their function in this way:

Our role is policies. Our role is not to dictate the procedures. Our role is to work with staff and the Missions and Ministries Councils to set policies for the places they want to go and things they want to do.

We are charged with the oversight of the organization, and with the evaluation of the Executive Coordinator among other things.

EJH_1230Bill McConnell, CBF moderator, began the meeting by asking members to share where they hope CBF will be 5 years from now:

  • I hope to see CBF become the go-to voice for Baptists in the secular world. May the look to us as the people that have the perspective that reflects what’s best about being Baptist. – Doug Dortch, senior minister, Mountain Brook Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala.
  • I’m looking forward to the day where the structure steps into the background and what moves forward is missions, ministries, partnerships, advocacy, etc. I’m looking forward to the development of a voice that is much larger than what we had. – Keith Herron, pastor, Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo.
  • EJH_1228I’d like to see us continue to grow people who want to be here because of where we’re going and what we’re doing, and to grow in strength and influence in who we can be as a collaborative fellowship. – Susan Fendley, Attorney (retired), Knoxville, Tenn.
  • When I think of the next 5 years, I’d like for us to concentrate on how we can build more relationships racially and ethnically to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity in which we live.- Jason Coker, pastor, Wilton Baptist Church, Wilton, Conn.
  • I hope that we find a way to foster conversations across the movement where people who are thinking about and working on the same thing can come together and share ideas, so that those people can work their ideas from the edge to the center. – Matt Cook, pastor, First Baptist Church, Wilmington, N.C.

EJH_1239Thursday’s session included a report from Suzii Paynter, CBF executive coordinator and a general board discussion led by Bill McConnell. After dinner, the group divided into committees to discuss five areas of Fellowship work: Personnel, Finance, Advancement, Networks and Legal. Reports to follow on Friday.

Friday, September 13:

The Governing Board began the day with a devotion led by Kasey Jones, CBF moderator-elect, and final committee meetings followed by reports from the committees:

  • Personnel, Paul Baxley, chair – We have extraordinary people serving in Atlanta and around the world, so we need to do what we can to affirm and support them. Committee will meet monthly via skype or conference call, and an extra face-to-face meeting in January.
  • EJH_1236Finance, Jean Willingham, chair – Approved corporate resolution to name the Executive Coordinator, Controller and Assistant Controller as the only people who can open a checking account on CBF’s behalf. Committee will also meet once a month by teleconference.
  • EJH_1234Advancement, Gary Dollar, chair – Discussed the need to establish a brand that is solid, focused and helps people understand who CBF is and the impact CBF is making. The committee encouraged a brand audit.
  • Networks, Dough Dortch, chair – Encouraged ongoing conversation with partners to express gratitude for ongoing support of CBF, and to communicate the impact and difference that these partnerships are making. Focused on ways to expand partnerships and cultivate relationships already happening within the Fellowship.
  • Legal, Patricia Wilson, chair – No current changes to Constitution and Bylaws. Suggest an establishment of board manual for Governing Board and Missions and Ministries Councils.

The meeting concluded with reports from staff, including Bo Prosser, Amy Derrick and Chris Boltin.

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