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CBF field personnel serving in Belgium shares on importance of having a prayer team


In the following post Janee Angel , one of CBF’s field personnel, shares regarding the importance and benefit of having a prayer team join her and her husband, Hary Khano, in Anterwerp, Belgium. Follow the ministry of Janee and Hary on her blog 7 Spices and a Cup of Tea, where this post first appeared.

By Janee Angel

We have hoped for a group of people to come and see what we do, walk where we walk and pray for us in Antwerp since we moved here two and a half years ago.  In September, seven people made the trek across the miles to walk more than they expected and pray for every need they encountered.

The group was led by Butch and Nell Green who are former missionaries to Brussels. They are now located in Texas. Two other couples from Texas and Georgia, along with a single young man from South Carolina, joined them. Somehow they all made it from different directions in cars, on planes, and on trains to the station in Antwerp where I met them.

They came tired and jet lagged, carrying bags and one slightly beat up box.  However, we began our time together sharing stories and praying.

Our five days together continued by introducing them to different Arabic speaking immigrants. They listened to their story of the journey this far. They learned more about the literal road getting to Belgium from their country of origin. They also heard stories about how those who were Muslims found their new life in Christ. And along with all the listening and praying they ate and ate and ate all kinds of Middle Eastern foods.

Over the weekend the group helped Hary and I prepare for and minister during a spiritual conference day we hosted for more than 100 people. We had a visiting group from Egypt who sang and preached in the morning.

Then, a well-known televised pastor from Lebanon preached in the afternoon.  The American group exhausted themselves preparing food, setting up sound equipment and caring for children most of the day.

They ended their time with us on Sunday during our church service. We asked Nell to preach in French while Hary translated into Arabic.  The women of our church prepared a potluck of sorts that was served at the end of the service.

We gave each a small gift of appreciation that could never truly speak our thanks. I think we exhausted them, but I also believe that their time with us allowed them to return and carry us in their hearts with them.

Really that was the greatest reason for a team to come. They walked where we walk…saw what we see…prayed for those we pray for…and could see the vision that God has put before us.  I don’t think they will forget their time with us anytime soon and we certainly won’t forget them.   We are thankful for their presence and for each time they tell our story in America.  And we are blessed each they remember us before the Father.  Prayer makes a difference in what we do, what we say…it makes us grateful people.

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