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National Pastoral Care Week Begins

Today begins National Pastoral Care Week. I am grateful for the many Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors who serve among our Fellowship. We are richer and healthier because of your ministries. Please hear my prayer below in gratitude and appreciation!

A Prayer for Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors

God of mercy, thank you for these vessels of pastoral care and holy presence. Thank you for their willingness to represent your love and guidance to people who are searching for clarity, meaning, and insight. Thank you for their ministry that places them in sometimes dangerous, most times difficult, and always tender places.

Fill them today with your strength…
as they minister sensitively to those who hurt…
listen attentively to those who are lonely…
and serve purposefully to those who seek healing.

God, give them hands to hold gently…
Give them hearts to share compassionately…
Give them feelings to lead less anxiously…
Give them thoughts to share patiently…
Give them Jesus to love unconditionally.


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