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Why I am thankful for CBF: Leta Tillman

The following post comes from Leta Tillman, education and Interlibrary Loan librarian and professor at Hardin-Simmons University. Tillman also serves on the newly formed CBF Ministries Council.

Leta TillmanYears ago, I remember listening to my father, a deacon and Sunday School teacher in our church, talk about all of the many blessings that God had given to him. He always started with his family. He was a family kind of guy. Nothing was more important to him than his family.

We would always spend holidays and any other occasions that we could come up with around family. Our family usually hosted the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that would number about 30 people. There were tables and chairs everywhere in our house during those times.

After dinner, we would sit around and talk about people and things for which we were thankful. Our church and church friends were always included in this list.

This time of year brings back those memories of happy times in my family but I have many other things to be thankful for, as well. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is high on that list.

Being reared in a Baptist church has made me a Baptist through and through. My life began in the Cradle Roll of our church’s Sunday School where my grandfather was the Sunday School superintendent. I was in GAs and YWAs. I graduated from a Baptist university. And I married a seminary professor.

When Baptist life as I knew it fell apart, CBF was there to pick me up. It restored my faith in Baptist life and all that it involves. Longtime friends were there to share those days with me. New friends came along with the new adventure and now they have become longtime friends.

My activity in the work of the Fellowship has been varied but eventful. I have been privileged to serve on the national coordinating council, personnel committee, field personnel committee, my state council and have been the state chair. Also included was a trip to Athens to establish a library for PORTA, helping Albanian immigrants. I am truly thankful for the time I have been able to help with CBF.

But more importantly, I am thankful for all that CBF does around the world. Disaster relief has become a major project for many and CBF is right there to help. Field personnel are in place to share the presence of Christ to many each day. A variety of ministry groups help to provide resources to churches and individuals.

Closer to home, churches share their mission with people in their community and around the world. And I get to share with all of these different parts of CBF.

CBF is family and I am proud to be a part of this family. Families work together, share together and take care of each other. Like my father, family is important to me. My family includes my blood relatives but also the CBF family that I have chosen.

But that CBF family has allowed me be a part of them, too. To me, this is what Thanksgiving is all about. Counting our blessings and sharing them with those around us.

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