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Why we are thankful for CBF: The CBF Staff

Throughout the month, many people have taken the time to share a note of thanksgiving each day on Facebook or Twitter. The CBF staff decided to do the same by sharing our words of thanksgiving with you!

Be sure to take a moment and share in the comments what you are thankful for!


On the heels of the New Baptist Covenant Summit last week in Atlanta, I would say I am very thankful for the leadership of our CBF churches and individuals in Birmingham, Dallas and Atlanta who are joining together with Progressive National Baptist Convention churches and American Baptist churches towards a common mission for their city. Among these churches are Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church and Baptist Church of the Covenant in Birmingham and Park Avenue Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Their Covenants of Action paint a beautiful picture of the local church and all these national bodies using the church as our leader.

Suzii Paynter, CBF Executive Coordinator

I am thankful for:

  • CBF Church Starters who give so selflessly to do a new thing with such powerful impact;
  • CBF-endorsed Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors who share listening ears and loving hearts for those needing healing;
  • The congregations that seek to be the presence of Christ each day without asking anything in return;
  • The Pastors and Staff Members who lead unselfishly and intentionally being wonderful ministers;
  • The CBF family that supports me, the Ministries Team family that works with me, the Prosser family that loves me;
  • And Jesus the Christ who transforms me.

Bo Prosser, Ministries Coordinator

I am thankful for partnership — for the focus Cooperative Baptists have in working together to impact the world for Christ.

Jeff Huett, Associate Coordinator for Communications and Advancement

I am thankful for all of the gifted women and men who serve each year as Student.Go supervisors. These committed ministers provide students with opportunity to see how God can use their unique gifts and skills to impact the world. They are mentors, teachers, guides and friends. And for their willingness to walk alongside others in the journey, I give thanks.

Amy Derrick, Global Missions Personnel Selection Manager

I am thankful for the work of God in the lives of congregations and clergy through the CBF Dawnings initiative. Every time we host a Dawnings retreat for churches or even have a conversation with a pastor or church leader about Dawnings in general, there is a great sense that God is at work stirring within us a desire for more faithful expressions of church.

Devita Parnell, Networks Manager

I am thankful for all of those who called CBF into existence so that future generations would have a space to live into and out of their callings.

Ruth Perkins Lee, Congregational Services Manager

I am thankful for the many ways that CBF encourages and enables seminary education and training for new ministers.

Karen Harwell, Missional Congregations Associate

I’m thankful for CBF congregations in Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia that have shaped and affirmed my calling. For mentors and ministers who bless and encourage in churches and in the CBF Atlanta office, I give thanks.

Meredith Shaw, Ministries Associate

I am thankful that CBF is committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our field personnel and their families. CBF’s care supports them as they embody Christ’s redeeming, grace-filled love to God’s beloved world.

Tere Canzoneri, Member Care and Wellness Manager

I am thankful for CBF leaders who welcome me with stories and Starbucks; for people young and old who paint houses, collect shoes and become the presence of Christ; for visionary leaders – surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses – who set their hearts and minds on building this Fellowship together.

Rob Fox, Field Coordinator, CBFVA

I am thankful that the changes in staff leadership, governance structure and relocation of the national offices have occurred in positive manners that have not divided us. We are united and moving forward.

Rick McClatchy, Field Coordinator, CBF Texas

I am thankful for all the hard work and effort put in by CBF field personnel. It is inspiring to hear of all the great things they are accomplishing for the good of people around the world in the name of Christ.

Rebecca White, Global Missions Finance Assistant

I am thankful for the CBF Foundation and its work to produce long term gifts to sustain CBF ministries.  Generous giving to bring the presence of Christ to neglected and marginalized people inspires me!

James R. Smith, President, CBF Foundation

I am grateful for the 2012 Task Force and our new Governing Body for the important work they’ve done and are doing in leading our fellowship into a new day.

Christa Sfameni, Ministries Associate

I am thankful for the CBF field personnel I have had the blessing of getting to know over the years.

Allison Tennyson, Human Resources Director

I am thankful for the opportunity to hear and share the inspiring stories of Fellowship people and churches being the presence of Christ in their communities. It makes me grateful to be part of a Fellowship that transforms lives and makes a difference in the world.

Emily Holladay, Communications Associate

I am thankful for a Fellowship who values creativity – in partnerships, in worship and in sharing the love of God – making new things possible and hopeful in our churches and communities.

Candice Young, Marketing Manager

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