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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Prays to #EndHunger

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is joining with CBF-partner Bread for the World, the Catholic Church and other faith groups in prayer to end world hunger. Pope Francis, in conjunction with Caritas Internationalis, has issued a worldwide ‘wave of prayer’ against world hunger beginning at noon Tuesday on the South Pacific island of Samoa.

CBF encourages individuals to participate in this ‘wave of prayer’ and CBF staff in Decatur, Ga., will gather for prayer at noon. CBFblog is featuring a prayer from CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter and also Mark Buhlig of Together for Hope, CBF’s rural poverty initiative.

CBF’s hunger ministries can be found in 20 nations across four continents. The CBF Offering for Global Missions supports field personnel working to #EndHunger here in more than 10 states in the U.S. and in 19 other nations around the world.

These hunger ministries provide emergency food assistance to countless individuals and families, including those affected by human trafficking in Macedonia, Syrian refugees seeking safety in Turkey, and Syrians trying to survive in Syria. Below you will find a brief listing of CBF’s emergency food assistance efforts with links to the CBF field personnel who make those ministries possible.

  • Macedonia — Emergency food assistance for families affected by human trafficking (Alicia & Jeff Lee)
    -Pray that we serve these families by meeting their immediate hunger needs and that they would feel immensely loved by God.
  • Turkey — Syrian refugees seeking safety as well as other displaced people are assisted with food and water
  • San Antonio, Texas — Emergency food and clothing closet for students at Baptist University of the Americas (Linda Cross)
  • Philippines — Food and water for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Eddy Ruble)
    -Pray for national and international Baptists who respond to the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan to meet needs in a holistic way to revitalize the homes and livelihoods of the survivors.
  • Syria – Food distribution to Syrians in Syria through a local church.
  • Lebanon — Food packages are distributed to Syrian refugees and others in and around Beirut (Chaouki & Maha Boulos)
    -Pray for peace and justice in Syria and for the victims of the violence there.
  • Slovakia — Emergency food aid in Vazec, food program in Lucenec & Cinobana (Dianne & Shane McNary)
    -Pray for those whose seasonal jobs have ended and are unable to provide food for their families.
  • Czech Republic — Food costs for a summer camp for Roma students

Food distribution and feeding programs are another area of emphasis for CBF. From providing food packages to the Dom in Israel and Palestine to meals for Albanian immigrants to families in Barcelona, Spain, still recovering from that nation’s economic crisis, CBF field personnel are focused on ending worldwide hunger.

  • Canada — Community food box program in Chateauguay, Quebec (Marc & Kim Wyatt)
    -Pray for mission support from English churches in Ontario, Quebec and the U.S.
  • Spain — “Kilos of Care,” a food distribution program in southern Spain provides food each week to 100 families (Joel & Tiffne Whitley)
  • Greece — PORTA’s Buke and Bekim, “Bread and Blessing,” feeds and encourages Albanian immigrants in Athens (Bob & Janice Newell)
  • Israel and Palestine — Food distribution among elderly Dom people in shanytowns
  • Romania — A lunch program at the Ruth School in Bucharest provides a daily lunch for 220 Roma students (Ralph & Tammy Stocks)
  • Spain — Food distribution in Barcelona to struggling families suffering from the economic crisis (Matt and Michelle Norman)
  • China — Meal subsidies for children with cerebral palsy in Nanning (Brenda Lisenby)
  • Kenya — Early childhood feeding program in eight locations in Kenya, feeding 500 children each day (Sam & Melody Harrell)

The CBF Offering for Gloabl Missions also supports numerous ministries addressing the problem of hunger here in the United States:

  • Waterbury, Connecticut — Weekly food ministry for homeless and poor individuals/families (Maner Tyson)
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia — Latino-specific food pantry for 1st-generation immigrant families (Sue & Greg Smith)
    -Pray for more empowering approaches to fighting hunger — providing culturally-appropriate food, promoting food co-ops as a way of obtaining low-cost foods while building community.
  • St. Louis, Missouri — Facilitation of a food pantry for immigrants from Slavic backgrounds in the Greater St. Louis-area (Sasha & Mira Zivanov)
  • Northeastern North Carolina — Distribution of 850 monthly food boxes to families in Halifax County, 7-day-a-week soup kitchen, community garden, daily bread give-away to elderly (Anna & LaCount Anderson)
  • Danville, Virginia — Weekly open meal and weekly breakfast, “Roving feast” (Joshua & Jessica Hearne)
  • Homestead, Florida — After-school feeding program, community garden, supplemental food distribution, summer meals (Wanda Ashworth Valencia)
  • Miami, Florida — SNAP (food stamp) recertification assistance, youth dinners, school snacks, meals on teacher planning days (Angel & Jason Pittman)
  • Texas — Together for Hope has helped a colonia church construct a building in Parr that receives food for distribution in Progreso (Rick McClatchy/Together for Hope)
  • Mitchell, South Dakota — Weekend snack program delivers 250 weekly packs to four local elementary schools; Tree of Life Ministries provides free hot meals to residents of Rosebud Reservation, the second poorest county in the United States (Kenny and Karen Sherin/Together for Hope)
  • Bridger, South Dakota — Chickens and coops provide eggs for the community of Bridger (Toni & Byron Buffalo/Together for Hope)

Other efforts to end hunger by CBF field personnel include:

Please join CBF staff, field personnel, churches, partners and other faith groups in praying for an end to world hunger. Please consider giving financially to the CBF Offering for Global Missions, which make possible the work of CBF field personnel and their efforts to #EndHunger.

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