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A prayer for compassion and action – #EndHunger

The following is a prayer from Mark Buhlig of Together for Hope, the rural poverty initiative of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to work with people in 20 of the nation’s poorest counties in order to affect change and break the cycle of economic disparity.

Please join the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, CBF-partner Bread for the World, Caritas International, the Catholic Church and other faith groups in prayer to end world hunger. Participate in this ‘wave of prayer’ at noon (local time) on Tuesday, December 10. Read more about this effort to end hunger here.

By Mark Buhlig

God of love, a love for all, this is our prayer:

Today people are hungry in a way some of us will never know.

Open our eyes to see the hunger around us rather than look the other way.

Open our ears to hear the cry of the hungry rather than fill our ears with the dangerous voices that persuade us that we are full because we are better.

Open our minds to understand that our neighbor’s hunger is not a matter for us to judge.

Open our hearts to a compassion that drives us to action.

Open our hands. Provide a portion of courage to release our grip on the bread we fear we will not have tomorrow and a portion of faith to believe that when we loosen our grip, your abundance will feed us and our neighbor.

Give us the courage to live with less fear and more love…a love like Jesus taught,


Hunger - Plate

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