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Quilters on Mission

IMG_6064 (1024x683)We had just moved to Brussels, Belgium. Harriet* and I quickly became good friends. Good friends share life, so when she was expecting her first baby I made her a quilt. She was so thrilled that her sister announced that she too would like a quilt for her newborn. It quickly became obvious that I would not be able to keep up with the demand for quilts. So I reached out to those that follow our work asking for help. Thus “Quilters on Mission” at College Park Baptist Church in Orlando was born!

A group of quilters decided to come together to keep me supplied in quilts. And indeed they did! They reached out to others and came alongside other field personnel ministering to Internationals to share their quilts with them. These treasures are now literally all over the world and have warmed the hearts and bodies of scores of refugees and immigrants. Not willing to just send a gift and forget, the quilters ask for a picture of the recipient with the quilt. The picture goes into an album and the quilters pray regularly for them. Most recently they have joined Rick and Lita Sample in the San Francisco Bay area who minister to Karen refugees.

Rick and Lita gathered their Karen friends for a Thanksgiving celebration. They intended to share quilts with the children. Then they learned that it was Cherry’s birthday! They appreciate Cherry as she is always giving sacrificially to help newly arrived refugees. Lita chose a beautiful red and black quilt for Cherry.  Cherry’s face lit up. Unbeknownst to Lita, red and black were her favorite colors!

We all have unique abilities, gifts, and talents. There are many ways to share the love of Christ with those around us employing our gifts. It is especially beautiful when churches, field personnel, and Internationals all come together and share in the blessing of giving and receiving. This Christmas season ask God to show you how your abilities can be used to honor the Christ child. The best gifts are often those that come from our very own heart and hands.

*Name has been changed.

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