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Assembly Blog — The Academy of Young Preachers

By Merianna Neely


Merianna Neely

In the midst of the CBF annual meeting, there is for the first time a new group meeting. The Academy of Young Preachers is hosting 16 preachers for the first time as a part of the General Assembly.

These 16 students include the most recent Addie Davis award winners as well as seminary students and high school students. These young preachers are sponsored by mentors who represent seminaries, divinity schools, and churches. The young preachers were given 10 minutes to share words of reflection and challenge.

The Kennesaw room was packed out with standing room only for both the 1:30 and 2:45. As family and friends gathered around these young preachers, people from different states and different churches worshiped together. As this Kennesaw congregation formed, the evidence that the Spirit was moving was palpable.

The words of the young women and men, carried hope of healing, but also hope of a future for moderate baptists. These young preachers are the next generation of preachers, chaplains, and ministers.

If you missed today’s sessions, come to the Kennesaw congregation and worship. Worship and hope for the future of moderate baptists and churches across our nation.

Merianna Neely Harrelson is the Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship in Lexington, SC. As the other part of her bi-vocational position, she works as the Editor-in-Chief of Harrelson Press Publishing. She and her husband and daughters live in Columbia, S.C. with their two dogs Willie and Waylon. 

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