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Church start enters strategic partnership with CBF

By Emily Holladay

Katherine and Don Poole, Ray Johnson and Harry Rowland

Katherine and Don Poole, Ray Johnson and Harry Rowland

At the Church Starts Assembly workshop Friday afternoon, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida entered into a strategic partnership with Donn Poole, a CBF church starter in The Villages, Fla.

Ray Johnson, coordinator of CBF of Florida, explained that the state has consistently started new churches and sought to covenant together with the Florida church starts.

“We deliberately looked for Susan Rogers, because we lament the fact that there are not women pastoring,” Johnson said. “And then we also built diversity with an African-American church plant. Donn Poole is a more traditional model of a church plant, and was our third strategic church plant.

“We have a four part covenant agreement. We want churches to have a sponsoring church covenant to pray about the church and support the planter. And if the church planter needs assistance in counseling, the endorsing church will do that. CBF and CBF of Florida are also a part of this covenant agreement.”

Harry Rowland, CBF director of missional congregations, joined the covenant already signed by Ray Johnson and Don Poole during the CBF of Florida state meeting, by signing the church start covenant and offering support and encouragement for Poole and his church start.

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