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Celebrating Religious Freedom

Last year during the week of July 4, we featured six different blog posts on religious liberty here at CBFblog as part of our Celebrating Religious Freedom Series.

One year later, these columns from a diverse group of contributors are still extremely relevant. So, while you enjoy food and time with family, re-visit  this series and reflect on the continued importance of supporting and advocating on behalf of our nation’s first freedom.

Part 1 – Religious liberty advocacy as an act of radical hospitality by Rebecca Mathis

Part 2 – The Spirit-driven dance of Miriam by Mary Elizabeth  Hanchey

Part 3 – Why Religious Liberty? by Jason Hines

Part 4 – Jesus and the Golden Rule by Glenn Jonas

Part 5 – On flags in the sanctuary by Meredith Holladay

Part 6 – Be a Religious liberty advocate by Baptist Joint Committee


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