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Mission Moments from CBF field personnel in the Middle East

The following  are brief “missions moments” from one of CBF’s field personnel serving in the Middle East in a secure location where Christian persecution is a daily reality. Please pray for the author who has followed God’s call to serve the most marginalized and neglected people in our world. 

Showing Christ’s Love

The level of the noise is quite high as the deaf school students work on their arts and crafts projects with the CBF field personnel in the Middle East.  The children show their pleasure and, sometimes, their frustrations as they try to make the craft for the day. On the days for sports, they joyously play hard and use hand signals to communicate with their team mates.  If there is ever a need, the students write out their questions on paper to communicate.

Showing Christ’s love to the least of these means much planning and travel to the school where about the third of the students are boarding students. A very surprising thing is….they love music! The music must be turned up quite high so the students can feel the beat and move to the music. One of the ways to share Christ’s love is to have Christmas parties!

This gives a chance to share joy and the reason for the season!

People often ask this volunteer why she spends time helping helping these poor and “least’ of the culture. Children who are “different” are often hidden away by families because they don’t know what to do with them. Deaf children are smart, but they must learn how to deal with society by reading and writing in this special school which helps them to cope with life in society.

When she is asked these questions, she can share that Jesus loves the little children, and He loves these children as well! Showing the love of Christ speaks volumes of words about Him.

Pray that the program will allow the Word of Christ to be shared more and more in this closed society.


As she placed the baby into my arms, I wondered at the preciousness of this 3-day-old baby. I had just toured the orphanage on my first day to volunteer there. The nurse in charge put the tiny baby into my arms explaining how the first couple of days in the orphanage are hard on the children, so they are allowed more care and time with the “mothers” to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Then, she told me the story of that tiny baby. The police found the baby in the dumpster because they could hear its cry. She was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag, but she was healthy! The mother was probably a college student who did not want her family to know she had given birth. She carefully placed the baby in hopes that the police would find it and take care of it.

Caring for the children at the orphanage is one way to show God’s love to the “least of these.” Sharing one’s faith in this country is illegal, but conversations which come out of the life lived by Christians can be an avenue to share about our faith.

Pray for more and more innovative ways to share the love of Christ in these countries where it is not legal or accepted to do so.

One thought on “Mission Moments from CBF field personnel in the Middle East

  1. Yes and amen for one life we has been given and le that be great in deeds with faith and grace among us to living for Christ an doing good and share love of God around us and try save an give the word of God to change life and heal and set us free,inJesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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