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Texas missions pastor reflects on trip to Macedonia and partnership with CBF field personnel

By John Moore

God is moving in the country of Macedonia and First Baptist Church of Abilene, Texas is joining in with the movement of His Spirit.

Through the work of Alicia and Jeff Lee, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel, relationships of partnership of all faiths are being established, negative stereotypes of people and faith are being broken and a voice of the forgotten and powerless is being listened too and advocated for, the beautiful people of the incredible country of Macedonia.

Group from FBC Abilene, Texas during their mission trip to Macedonia.

Group from FBC Abilene, Texas during their mission trip to Macedonia.

The testimony of Christ and His presence in and around the Skopje can be confirmed by our FBC church family and was strengthened during our visit to Macedonia by being His hands, feet, and ears to His work.  We heard from Nina who has a nursing certificate from high school and volunteers 40 (160 hours per month) hour shifts each week (rotating night shifts and day shifts) at the government hospital in hopes of securing a paying nurse position there doing the same work as a volunteer.

In her days off she studies English so that she can better communicate with English speaking doctors during her shifts and during medical procedures.  Her Macedonian birth but Albanian family culture precludes her from certain opportunities, which force her to work even harder to make a living.  Even with the hardships, her main reason she sticks with it is her love for seeing sick children getting well and knowing that she had a part of making that happen.

“The best English professor ever” according to Nina is Jeff Lee, who is helping her change her earning/class potential and is seeing a different lifestyle being lived because of faith.  The Gospel is being demonstrated to people who have no concept of others wanting to share their lives in community.  A decision for Christ has not been made for Nina at this time but is being lived out in word and deed in front of Nina and her family through the Lee’s ministry.

Pray that Nina continues to hear the Gospel in “word and deed” and responds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Also pray that Nina does not get looked over again for a paying nursing position at the hospital because of her cultural background. Confirmation of God’s work like this will be shared later about this mission trip (Poraka group home, the Government Children’s orphanage, the Roma people relationship, the human trafficking relationship and many more)  but this one story gives you a glimpse of the relationships being established by the Lee’s, FBC Abilene, and the movement of God in Macedonia.

Thank you for being a church that cares about our world and about the people of Macedonia.  Pray for Nina right now and stay tuned to more stories of God’s movement in Skopje, Macedonia.

John Moore is pastor for missions at First Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. 

For more about Alicia and Jeff Lee and their ministry, read this recent profile via CBFblog titled “Confronting Poverty and Injustice — CBF field personnel in Macedonia face challenges, focus on reconciliation”

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