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Why CBF?

By Kyle Tubbs

14508237194_742e9be41e“Why start a church with CBF?”

This inquisitive question is one I get from people in our church, the community, from ministerial friends, and people interested in church starting.

This is a good question. A young, small church can only have so many partners, and being intentional about who to partner with is salient.

The answer for us starts with identity.

Our church values mesh well with CBF’s values:

  • Christ-centered
  • Collaborative
  • Holistic
  • Innovative
  • Inclusive
  • Contextualized

1460056_430028357096819_1505177260_nCBF consists of approximately 1,900 churches, regional fellowships, and ministry partners. CBF walks alongside more than 150 ministry organizations worldwide, as well as 15 theological schools, and 18 autonomous state and regional organizations.

We partner with CBF because we have similar hopes and dreams. In the name of Christ, we hope to end extreme poverty, transform communities, be peace in conflict, restore natural environments, respond to disasters, and plant churches.

Being part of the “denomi-network” (Suzii’s wonderful term) is about us working together to fulfill CBF’s vision of “being a national and global community bearing witness to the gospel in partnership with Christians across the nation and around the world.

We couldn’t be happier with our CBF relationship. Will you join us in God’s mission for CBF and the world?

The following post is by Kyle Tubbs, a CBF church starter and pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Williamson County, Texas. Read more about Kyle and Grace Baptist in a recent fellowship! magazine feature titled “CBF church starters use creativity to build community.“ Kyle is writing as part of a monthly blog about church starting. Read his other blogs here: October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June.

5 thoughts on “Why CBF?

  1. My answer: because it’s the right thing to do.

    My family were at one time, members of Broadway Baptist Church, in Fort Worth, Texas, and were blessed to be there throughout the pastorate of Cecil Sherman, who, when he left, became one of the early founders, movers and mentors of the CBF after the Fundamentalist theft of the SBC. The CBF exhibits the qualities which characterize the Lord Jesus in the New Testament. When we later moved to Little Rock, AR, we were recommended to Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, where Randy Hyde was (and still is) the pastor. Another great CBF affiliate. When we moved to California, I got online to locate a CBF church, and found one of the TWO in the whole state, close by; First Baptist Church of Glendale. Which we visited, then joined. The pastor at that time was Charles Updike, who had a history with CBF and knew our previous pastors in Arkansas and Texas. Though small, the church has proven to be a dynamic, Christ-loving, one-another-loving, eclectic group of people on a steady growth-in-ministry trajectory. We call it our piece of “holy ground.” We don’t keep score or count coup; we focus on ministering to one another and to the community surrounding the church. We want to become the white-hot spot of divine light that many people have never seen before, and love them into the kingdom. It’s what the New Testament church did, and what we do. It’s what every CBF church I’ve ever encountered does.

    Partner with the CBF. It’s the right thing to do.

  2. I belong to a CBF church, because it is a Baptist organization that treats women equally. I have a daughter who has been called into the ministry as a Chaplin. This position requires the person to be ordained. The Baptist Church that she grew up in & her Grandfather was a former Pastor would or could not ordain her. A CBF Baptist Church did. The gates of heaven have remained standing after that action !

    • Actually the CBF only treats women equally under certain conditions. If she is Lesbian, the CBF believes discrimination against her is justified.

      • The Alliance of Baptist (the more liberal group that left the SBC in 1986), ordains homosexuals. Upon careful reflection of this 20 plus year old controversy between the conservative SBC, CBF, and Alliance, I think the ultimate calling of who goes into ministry should be between that individual and God.

      • Is that a belief of CBF or individual churches in the CBF umbrella. Most Baptists believe that each church has the right to set individual standards . I do think that most CBF churches treat women with more equality than SBC churches. I would guess that most CBF churches would view Lesbian women & Gay men equally, and this treatment could vary from church to church.

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