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CBF field personnel launch ministry in North Carolina’s Research Triangle

CBF field personnel Marc and Kim Wyatt are regular contributors to the CBFblog (read recent posts from the Wyatts here and here). Below is a press release from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.

By CBFNC Staff

Leaders of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC) recognize that the world is coming to North Carolina. Through a new collaborative Global Missions partnership between the two organizations, one of CBF’s most experienced field personnel units, Marc and Kim Wyatt, are relocating to their home state to coordinate ministries with the region’s growing population of Internationals.

Marc and Kim Wyatt

Marc and Kim Wyatt

The Wyatts served for 15 years in Canada, working on behalf of CBF in partnership with Canadian Baptists to reach that nation’s growing International community. Now they will be doing similar work in North Carolina. Marc Wyatt explains, “North Carolina ranks very high in categories like refugee resettlement, human trafficking, and international students. Our experience in Canada, mobilizing congregations to reach their new neighbors with the love of Jesus Christ, has prepared us to do similar work in our home state.”

Linda Jones, CBFNC’s Missions Coordinator, will work closely with the Wyatts. They will, as schedules permit, participate in CBFNC staff meetings, council meetings, regional gatherings and state-wide assemblies. “We are excited to have Marc and Kim in North Carolina. They will be a great resource to churches and community agencies that work with Internationals. At CBFNC we place a high value on collaboration. That’s the way the Wyatts work, too. They will be strategic catalysts for cross-cultural mission engagement right in our own backyard here in North Carolina.”

The Wyatts will live in Raleigh and will focus their work in the eight-county Research Triangle region. This region is experiencing explosive population growth, including growth in Internationals. “We believe that in time, the Wyatt’s work will expand to other parts of our state and to neighboring states, but the Research Triangle is the most logical place to begin this important and timely work,” explains CBFNC Executive Coordinator, Larry Hovis.

CBF and CBFNC have executed a formal partnership agreement related to the Wyatt’s ministry. Funding will come primarily from CBF, but also from CBFNC and other partners. “We are grateful to CBF Global Missions for their vision and collaboration,” noted Hovis. “We realize the Wyatts could served effectively in many places in the world. We are genuinely thankful that the next chapter of their ministry will be based in North Carolina. We pledge to be good stewards of this very valuable missions resource.”

To introduce the Wyatts to the Research Triangle region, an introductory gathering for area churches will be held at Forest Hills Baptist Church (201 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607) on November 6, 2014, from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. Lunch will be served. Pastors, staff, and congregational missions leaders are invited. Please make your reservation by clicking on the registration button to the right or by visiting our website. The Wyatts may be contacted at 

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