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Recap: CBF celebrates Pastoral Care Week

Since 1985, the Congress on Ministries in Specialized Settings (COMISS) has celebrated Pastoral Care Week. This week-long observance provides opportunities to highlight the important ministries of pastoral counselors and chaplains around the world. This year’s theme – Spiritual Well-Being – highlights the role of these caregivers in supporting and inspiring the spiritual well-being of ourselves and others during times of both ease and challenge.

To honor and celebrate the more than 700 chaplains and pastoral counselors endorsed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, we featured last week a special series here at CBFblog with columns and reflections from a diverse group of these ministers.

Take a few minutes and read some of our 7-part series celebrating Pastoral Care Week.

Part 1: CBF Celebrates Pastoral Care Week (by Gerry Hutchinson)

Part 2: A ministry of presence to law enforcement (by Tommy Deal)

Part 3: Finding and nourishing spiritual well-being

Part 4: The miracle of chaplaincy (by Stacy Sergent)

Part 5: Spiritual conditioning (by Rev. Sing C. Yue)

Part 6: Spiritual well-being and military service (by Winston Shearin)

Part 7: Caring in “the City that Care Forgot” (by Brian Cleveland)

Pastoral Care Week 2014

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