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One Hope

One Church, One City, One People, One Hope

The world is in turmoil! Racially, politically, socially and spiritually, the chaos threatens to return us to the darkness. Yet, John the Baptizer promised that the Light coming into the world would not be extinguished by that chaos. Jesus is bigger than any turmoil. Yet, how easy for us in recent days to retaliate or doubt or fear. This Advent season, hear the angels reminding us again to, “Fear not!”

Staff members at Third Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO have been searching for creative and appropriate ways to comment and contribute loving, God-centered actions to the ongoing narrative about race and equality in St. Louis. On Sunday, December 14th at 6pm, Third Baptist Church will host an event called The Church: One City, One People.

The structure of the event is to bring multiple churches together to have frank discussion and conversation about the issues that have surfaced over the past few months. The focus will be on the systemic educational, vocational, and political challenges that many people face in St. Louis. Emphasis will be on how the collective church can be the hands and feet that God uses to bring peace to our communities. The goal is to work towards racial unity in St. Louis and beyond. The church hopes to help shine a light into the darkness.

Harold Phillips, coordinator of CBF Heartland, shares, “We are beginning conversations as a local community with how to make sure relationships are solid. We must do better! The evening at Third Baptist is a good start in relationship re-building. Please remember the people of Ferguson, New York City and people everywhere. We are a people of Hope!”

So many emotions flood us in these days. Please don’t let anger, fear, violence take away the joy of the Light of Jesus’ birth. Third Baptist is choosing to make a difference locally and positively. They are seeking to be the presence of Jesus in their community. Host something similar in your church. Join us in praying for this gathering. Join us in praying for all of us who have been affected by the pain of recent days. We must be a people of Hope!

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