CBF launches new branding, website and ‘Forming Together’ tagline


Aaron Weaver | 770-220-1610

February 3, 2015

DECATUR, Ga. — After a year-long conversation with people across CBF life, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship announced today new branding that tells the story of Fellowship individuals, churches and partners “Forming Together” for the work of Christ.

In unveiling the new branding, CBF launched a new web domain and website,, as well as a new logo and visual identity system. Email addresses for the CBF Global staff have also changed to the new extension.

CBF embarked on the process last January to help Cooperative Baptists and CBF congregations better articulate the identity of the Fellowship in words and visuals. Scores of interviews with Cooperative Baptists, along with leadership from CBF staff and an Atlanta-based branding firm have led to a new visual identity system and a new way to share the CBF story.

Forming Together

Insights gained from the interviews and staff collaboration with the firm highlighted the concept of formation — spiritually and through collaboration — as the essence of the Fellowship.

CBF Associate Coordinator for Communications and Advancement Jeff Huett said the tagline “Forming Together” was meant to prime the creative imagination of Cooperative Baptists and CBF congregations about their own stories of formation.

“This concept allows us to talk about CBF missions and ministries in fresh ways and in ways that invite others to the innovative collaboration that is a hallmark of our Fellowship,” Huett said. “It’s abstract enough to get us thinking about all the ways we are forming as one and forming together.”

CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter said the branding process and the results have been marked by excellence.

“What is God doing in the world, and how do we have a God-inspired voice for this century. That is what our branding process has been about,” Paynter said. “How do we speak with integrity and authenticity in this century from our community? That is what excellence in branding means.

“I love the process we have followed in our branding journey,” Paynter said. “Our work has not been all about a new logo or visuals. It is about our narrative, our story, who we are and how we take that forward.”

‘Partner in Renewing God’s World’

In addition to the idea of “Forming Together,” CBF assessed ways to clearly articulate its core purpose, and developed the concept “Partner in Renewing God’s World.”

Bo Prosser, CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships, expressed excitement about how Cooperative Baptists are forming together as they renew God’s world.

“For years we’ve talked about ‘Being the Presence of Christ’ in our world,” Prosser said. “As people have asked me how they can do this, my response has been, ‘by partnering with God’s Spirit!’  As we are being formed together, it dawns on me that we are all partnering together to bring renewal to God’s world.”

Primary brand markSocial Media Logo

The new CBF monogram logo is a visual representation of “forming together.” It is a combination of squares, circles and the cross, each having a visual purpose and a deeper meaning with the context of our mission, vision and work.

In the logo, squares represent individuality and foundation. Circles and curvature represent community and the formation of unified partnerships that renew God’s world. Circles allow for fluidity in the design. The cross in the “f” signals that, first and foremost, we are here to witness God’s work in the world.

Various version of the new CBF logo are available for download from the CBF website at

Six attributes

With the development of six aspirational attributes during the process, CBF is living into the same values, or attributes, that its founders instilled nearly 25 years ago.

CBF strives to be Christ-like, innovative, authentic and global. It aspires to raise the bar on excellence with inspiring partnerships, ministries and missions and, like CBF partner congregations, CBF is committed to being diverse, hearing and respecting different perspectives.

For more information about the missions and ministries of CBF, visit Access our bi-monthly publication, Fellowship! magazine, at


CBF is a Christian Network that helps people put their faith to practice through ministry eff­orts, global missions and a broad community of support. The Fellowship’s mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

3 thoughts on “CBF launches new branding, website and ‘Forming Together’ tagline

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound like nit-picking but in the logo there are no squares representing individuality though the base square might represent foundation. There also are no circles. Perhaps a more accurate description might be in order. There are a couple of rectangles, so maybe they can represent individuality.

  2. I appreciate thy value of giving hearing to diverse, perhaps within ranges of interpretability, views. Hope ye are aware James and Jude are brothers of Jesus Christ.

    Greg Crockett

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