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Forming Together

By Bo Prosser

Bo Prosser, CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships

Bo Prosser, CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships

Forming together is one of the guiding principles of our new brand and public face. This came about after many conversations with the goal of clarifying who we are and what we are doing as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The basic words that resonated throughout those conversations were that we are forming together and being formed together. This is true for us as a fellowship, for your congregation, for your family and friends and for you. We are all in the forming business.

The questions that then come to mind are:

To what are we forming together?
How are we forming together?
Why are we forming together?
Where are we forming together?

We are a fellowship! Anytime we come together, we are forming each other. Anytime we pray together, we are forming each other. Any place we gather for worship or service together, we are forming each other. “Each other” refers to everyone. We are all forming one another. I am forming you as I write these words. You are forming me as you read these words and pray.

Here’s the beauty of it: we cannot be formed in isolation! You can’t conjure up spiritual maturity or deeper discipleship by yourself. We need to be in community to be formed personally and corporately. Hear the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:20:
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

The best part is that as we are forming together, Jesus is transforming us! And that is something to praise and celebrate. Our forming together leads us collectively to transformation through Christ!

When you pray this month, focus on the goal to be formed and reformed with the community with whom you work, worship and live. Choose one name from the prayer calendar, pray for that person to also be formed and reformed, and for the community that they encounter to be forming with them. (You see how forming together works?) Now, pray that as we are forming one another in our fellowship, that Christ would transform us in knowledge and in truth and in love.

Bo Prosser is the CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships.

One thought on “Forming Together

  1. I like the idea you have presented about being “formed together”, but I am not sure that this particular post does an adequate job of explaining the concept. Do you mean to say that by “forming together”, we are encouraging each other in a common faith of Jesus Christ? Do you mean that we are all participating in the ultimate goal of spreading the gospel message to a lost world? Do you mean that we are all trying to understand and apply the lessons that that the Bible teaches us about life and living? Do you mean that we all share the common bond of supporting the “four fragile freedoms” upon which our Baptist heritage is based?

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