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Never say never

By Brack Ballard
Brack Ballard
Those who know me best have often heard me say, “I will do anything that God calls me to do, BUT I will never work in a church.”

After all, that’s what my father did growing up. I wanted my own path; something that was different and unique to some of my skills. However, as I reflect on the past semester (Fall 2014), I am in awe of the events that have occurred.

At the beginning of the semester, I worked three part-time jobs on top of taking 12 credit hours for school. My jobs included working for the University’s library, the local YMCA and coaching softball with my wife at Shelby Middle School. Needless to say, it was busy. However, in the midst of the busyness and storms of life, the Holy Spirit was knocking at the door.

God kept tugging at my heart to get my feet back into the ministry.

God was doing this in many different ways and forms. Finally, I lowered my shields of hurt and mistrust and allowed God to be the guide for my life. In submission to him, yet still fearful of what was ahead, I listened to God’s still, small voice calling my name.

I submitted my resume to a church, and later that week God opened a door for me to have a meeting with the pastor.

My wife, Courtney, found this church through Gardner-Webb’s advertising. The church is Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church on South Blvd. in Charlotte, North Carolina. It didn’t take long for me to know in my heart that this was the place that God was calling me to serve.

Since taking the job, I have fallen in love with the ministry, the ministers and staff, and the body and spirit of the church. Courtney and I actually closed on a home in Charlotte and moved into our new community. Although I had plenty to unpack and clean up, the semester’s journey will forever be memorable on my pilgrimage.

Never say never, God can do wondrous things.

Brack Ballard is a CBF Leadership Scholar attending the Gardner-Webb School of Divinity in Boiling Springs, N.C.

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