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2015 Romany Prayer Guide and Week of Prayer

Each year in conjunction with International Romani Day (April 8), the CBF Romany Team publishes a prayer guide featuring stories from their ministries—ways team members see God at work, and ways you can pray with the team and for their work among Romany people across Europe.
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We invite you to a week of prayer for the Romany people April 6-12.

Education and learning are great challenges—and powerful agents of change—for almost all the world’s people. For the Romany people this has proven particularly true. That’s why the theme of this year’s prayer guide is Forming a New Future: Romany in Education.

Roma have their own language groups and rich cultural traditions. They are Europe’s largest minority, and yet they are still marginalized and face discrimination in most European countries. Field Personnel from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Romany Team work among the Roma, mobilizing resources to evangelize and disciple unreached Romany people worldwide to bring about indigenous, self-producing communities of believers.

We invite you to join us in a week of prayer for the Romany people, using these reflections as a guide.

These stories, supplied by CBF Field Personnel across Europe, tell of ways CBF field personnel have seen God changing the lives of Roma people and communities through education. Each day provides a new story and prayer requests from a member of CBF’s Romany Team. The seventh day provides you with an opportunity to look back at the requests from last year’s guide.

Our hope is that these stories will inspire and challenge you, as well as show how you can join in this important transformational work through prayer and action.

Each day during the week of prayer, the team will publish the reflections on their blog, but you can also download a PDF version of the guide to print and use.

This guide can be used many ways.  You can use it in your devotion time alone, with your family or small group, or it could be distributed and used by an entire church family. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Download the PDF version of the prayer guide here.

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